The 15 Best Interior Designers in Dublin

The 15 Best Interior Designers in Dublin

An interior designer is one skilled in the art and science of efficient management of space in the interior part of a building. However, their work sometimes includes the exterior parts of a building too. Their work includes planning, design and coordination of the entire process of enhancing the functionality of any interior space. Since the scope of an interior designer is not limited to post construction only. Hence, for optimum functionality and efficient space management, interior designing progresses with the entire construction process.

In Dublin, regardless of the size of your space, an interior designer will make you love the space more. A 100-square meter space is put to maximum use when every space is optimum in its usage. Since we all have different tastes and styles; an interior designer will gather individual ideas and thoughts and make it a reality.

Top 15 interior designers in Dublin

The top 15 interior designers in Dublin based on customers patronage is highlighted below.

  1. Ventura Design

Ventura Design believes in the personality of style.  Hence, every client’s need is treated separately and specially. They strive to balance comfortability and affordability in the design of the interiors. 

  1. Thelma Henry Interiors

Thelma Henry has a background in fashion design and successfully running Irish hospitality hotspots. Her trademarks are style, elegance, beauty and functionality. Incidentally, she has a flair for French culture. 

  1. Conbu Interior Design

Conbu Interior Design is a residential and commercial interior design outfit servicing a wide range of clients. Conbu’s head designer Angela is known for her simplicity and blend of vintage and contemporary themes in designs. 

  1. Style my Room

Jackie Carton and her team specialise in breathing new life into tired spaces thereby revitalising them. Hence, their strength lies in residential projects. Consequently ensuring uniqueness, creativity and inspirational solutions on all projects. 

  1. Neptune – Global Village

Since the early 90’s Martin and Colette Lenehan have carved a niche for themselves in the world of interior designs creating the Global Village. Almost 90% of the available stock of Neptune products in the whole of Dublin and Ireland resides in their showroom. They also specialise in residential space design. 

  1. Divine Design

Divine Design services private residential and commercial clients from the inception of the project to its’ completion providing a complete interior design.  They also pride in the fact that no two of their design is similar; with differing tastes and specifications on the part of their clients. 

  1. Martin- Hudson & Gibson

Martin- Hudson & Gibson, established since the 60’s is Dublin’s first showroom offering interiors and soft furnishings. They, however, have a wide range of products of exotic taste and style while they concentrate on residential interior designs. 

  1. Interiors Atelier

Interiors Atelier creates interiors expressing the personality of her clients. They provide services to residential owners too. Their service ranges from a one-room apartment to mansions. They display the highest level of professionalism attainable. 

  1. Wall Morris Design

Wall Morris Design is a residential and commercial interior architecture, design and decoration specialist. However, their designs have the contemporary and classical style as its’ signature.

  1. Think Contemporary

Think Contemporary an interior design company also specialising in furniture. The idea of a good interior design affecting the lifestyle on the inhabitant is the driving force. They help clients understand their inspirations and how their spaces can enhance such. 

  1. Habu Interior Design

Habu Interior Design, an interior design and project management outfit in existence since the mid-80’s. Subsequently, their focus on quality service has helped them build lasting relationships over the years. They leverage on their wealth of experience in creating an interior customised to the client’s needs. 

  1. Hepburn Designs

Hepburn Designs, popular for its exceptional ‘Designer for a Day’™, a one-day program for planning and designs of interiors. Beautifying of gardens is one of their specialities while their work on internal spaces earned them the reputation as one of the best. 

  1. Taylored Interior

Taylored Interior offers a full package service. With no less than 15 years of experience as a freelance interior designer. They specialise in kitchen and bathrooms with a focus on furniture and lighting maximisation. 

  1. Ruth Noble Interiors

Ruth Noble Interiors, a specialist on residential properties. They design and also source for the materials at affordable rates. They also work from inception of the project to its completion. 

  1. Tigress Luxury Interiors

Tigress Luxury Interiors offers personal service to their clients have the perfect space based on their cost. They glory in sourcing for scare items to make your space bespoke regardless of the taste and specifications. 

Tips on how to get the best service from an interior designer.

Interior designers are ready to help their clients with any help they might require. So, always ask your interior designer the following questions.

  • Ask for previous clients – most clients in Dublin are willing to flaunt their space if the designer does a great job. So, always ask to see their past projects and talk with the client.
  • Timing is essential – Always ask for the project duration. For business owners, deadlines are the order of the day. Some business owners will want to impress a client who has set a date for the meeting. Hence, he designs the space to improve his image.
  • Payment – always ask for the terms and conditions for remuneration from your interior designer. Do not be left hanging, never forget to request so you can plan your cash flow having relevant information. Cashflow dramatically affects the speed of any project.
  • In conclusion, every designer has a record of past projects in the form of an album or a picture book or profile. Ask for such to see the designers executed works. These pictures will show the space before and after the design.