Interior Designer Trends on the Return in Cork

Interior Designer Trends on the Return in Cork

Cork! What comes to your mind when you hear the word cork? Is it wine bottles or office pinboards? There’s more. Cork is making a massive comeback in the interior design world. Let’s discuss a little about why cork seems to find its way back into the design world again.

  • Sustainability – nowadays, the world is moving towards creating a sustainable environment. Cork, gotten from the bark of the cork oak tree which has a lifespan of over 200 years. It can regenerate its’ bark after harvesting.
  • Durability – cork used for interiors have been seen to last for up to 40 years. Hence, a piece of an item made from cork can last a generation. It also has a resilient characteristic that allows for its’ use in many wet areas in the interior designs
  • Health Benefits – cork is a material that does not absorb dust. This characteristic helps allergic individuals because it reduces the risk of crises even in patients who have asthma.
  • Fire Retardant – cork does not support fire spread. Hence, it is appropriate for use in the kitchen and around fireplaces.

Interior Design Trends for Cork


The use of cork for walls is the most common usage of cork in interior designs in the last couple of years. Also used for pin boards, cork has a structure that makes it absorb noise. Hence, enhancing the acoustic functionality of your space. The colour and texture create a great ambience wherever it is applied.



Cork does not absorb moisture. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for wet areas especially the bathroom. Also, its health benefit discussed above makes it safe for children and people with allergies. Cork on your bathroom floor gives a sunset effect and cool temperature.


Consider the beauty of cork as your furniture finish. Replace your cushion seats on wooden chairs with cork. In your dining room, replace your marble or glass table top with cork. The beauty of cork and its durability makes it a good choice.

Also, cork makes a perfect stool; the stool can serve as a footstool for aged people. Also, it serves as an excellent coffee table when turned upside down. Since it does not absorb dust, nor water, using it outdoors is not a bad idea.


Characteristics of cork discussed above make it perfect for home décor accessories. Notable amongst these accessories are wall clocks, table tops, pot pads, table mats, door rests. Even a collection of bottle stoppers can be used for different home décor like the Christmas tree accessories and for holding candles.

Book Cover

In the ingenuity of art, the transformation of cork is exceptional. Cork now comes out as a book cover. This artistic piece is a wonder to behold in its purest form.


The combination of cork and light is perfect for dinner tables. Also, the crafting of study lamps from cork creates a relaxing effect.

In conclusion, considering that half of the world cork supply comes from Portugal and the other half from less than ten countries, Cork is not the cheapest for interior décor options. However, considering sustainability, its health benefits and in a bid for an eco-friendly world, cork is a better option.