Interior Designer Trends on the Return in Cork

Interior Designer Trends on the Return in Cork

Cork! What comes to your mind when you hear the word cork? Is it wine bottles or office pinboards? There’s more. Cork is making a massive comeback in the interior design world. Let’s discuss a little about why cork seems to find its way back into the design world again.

  • Sustainability – nowadays, the world is moving towards creating a sustainable environment. Cork, gotten from the bark of the cork oak tree which has a lifespan of over 200 years. It can regenerate its’ bark after harvesting.
  • Durability – cork used for interiors have been seen to last for up to 40 years. Hence, a piece of an item made from cork can last a generation. It also has a resilient characteristic that allows for its’ use in many wet areas in the interior designs
  • Health Benefits – cork is a material that does not absorb dust. This characteristic helps allergic individuals because it reduces the risk of crises even in patients who have asthma.
  • Fire Retardant – cork does not support fire spread. Hence, it is appropriate for use in the kitchen and around fireplaces.

Interior Design Trends for Cork


The use of cork for walls is the most common usage of cork in interior designs in the last couple of years. Also used for pin boards, cork has a structure that makes it absorb noise. Hence, enhancing the acoustic functionality of your space. The colour and texture create a great ambience wherever it is applied.



Cork does not absorb moisture. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for wet areas especially the bathroom. Also, its health benefit discussed above makes it safe for children and people with allergies. Cork on your bathroom floor gives a sunset effect and cool temperature.


Consider the beauty of cork as your furniture finish. Replace your cushion seats on wooden chairs with cork. In your dining room, replace your marble or glass table top with cork. The beauty of cork and its durability makes it a good choice.

Also, cork makes a perfect stool; the stool can serve as a footstool for aged people. Also, it serves as an excellent coffee table when turned upside down. Since it does not absorb dust, nor water, using it outdoors is not a bad idea.


Characteristics of cork discussed above make it perfect for home décor accessories. Notable amongst these accessories are wall clocks, table tops, pot pads, table mats, door rests. Even a collection of bottle stoppers can be used for different home décor like the Christmas tree accessories and for holding candles.

Book Cover

In the ingenuity of art, the transformation of cork is exceptional. Cork now comes out as a book cover. This artistic piece is a wonder to behold in its purest form.


The combination of cork and light is perfect for dinner tables. Also, the crafting of study lamps from cork creates a relaxing effect.

In conclusion, considering that half of the world cork supply comes from Portugal and the other half from less than ten countries, Cork is not the cheapest for interior décor options. However, considering sustainability, its health benefits and in a bid for an eco-friendly world, cork is a better option.

CV Tips for Meath Architectural Assistants

CV Tips for Meath Architectural Assistants

Meath Architectural Assistants job position is for entry level job seekers

Personal Data

Insert your personal details in the following order

Name – John McGovern

Address – 44, XYZ Road, Meath, Dublin

Telephone – 01 234 5677 (H) | 000-000-000 (M)


Personal Statement –

Insert a description of your achievements, interests, strengths etc. in the paragraph below.

A highly motivated and ambitious architect with (insert number of years) experience. A highly focused and tactical individual in project execution with an impressive record of beating deadlines. Interested in high-level planning and tasking duties in a bid to improve the aesthetic, functionality of structures and maintain sustainability. Looking for an environment that encourages career development and progression.


List your skills in two sections; the technical skills and the soft skills.


  • Microsoft Office – Advanced User Skills
  • AutoCAD/ArchiCAD – Advanced User Skills
  • BIM Enhanced Software – Intermediate User Skills
  • Photoshop/Sketchup – Intermediate User Skills
  • Revit/ 3D Studio MAX – Advanced User Skills
  • Primavera/MS Project – Advanced User Skills


  • Articulate and purposeful in communication
  • Self-motivated
  • Highly Organised
  • Outgoing personality
  • Excellent networking skills


List Educational Qualifications starting with the most recent – include certifications also

  • Master of Architecture
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • Graduated – xxx (insert year of graduation)


  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • University of New England
  • Graduated – xxx (insert year of graduation)

Employment History

List Educational Qualifications starting with the most recent – (You can have more than one entry)

Assistant Designer | ABX Designs

September 2015 – February 2016


  1. Redesign of the Triangle Mall
  2. XXX Hotels


  1. Assisted in the redesign for the Triangle Mall
  2. Drafted the construction drawings for approval
  3. Produced models of the mall technical meetings
  4. Supported the design team with research on recent building regulations.
  5. Creating sustainable designs for construction
  6. Meeting with clients and contractors to reach a compromise
  7. Monitoring contractor’s compliance with the programme of works
  8. Documented the project correspondences and drawings


List your Achievements and Awards you received. If you participated in any team project, or volunteering project, not for profit involvement for the greater good.


Available on request


The 15 Best Interior Designers in Dublin

The 15 Best Interior Designers in Dublin

An interior designer is one skilled in the art and science of efficient management of space in the interior part of a building. However, their work sometimes includes the exterior parts of a building too. Their work includes planning, design and coordination of the entire process of enhancing the functionality of any interior space. Since the scope of an interior designer is not limited to post construction only. Hence, for optimum functionality and efficient space management, interior designing progresses with the entire construction process.

In Dublin, regardless of the size of your space, an interior designer will make you love the space more. A 100-square meter space is put to maximum use when every space is optimum in its usage. Since we all have different tastes and styles; an interior designer will gather individual ideas and thoughts and make it a reality.

Top 15 interior designers in Dublin

The top 15 interior designers in Dublin based on customers patronage is highlighted below.

  1. Ventura Design

Ventura Design believes in the personality of style.  Hence, every client’s need is treated separately and specially. They strive to balance comfortability and affordability in the design of the interiors. 

  1. Thelma Henry Interiors

Thelma Henry has a background in fashion design and successfully running Irish hospitality hotspots. Her trademarks are style, elegance, beauty and functionality. Incidentally, she has a flair for French culture. 

  1. Conbu Interior Design

Conbu Interior Design is a residential and commercial interior design outfit servicing a wide range of clients. Conbu’s head designer Angela is known for her simplicity and blend of vintage and contemporary themes in designs. 

  1. Style my Room

Jackie Carton and her team specialise in breathing new life into tired spaces thereby revitalising them. Hence, their strength lies in residential projects. Consequently ensuring uniqueness, creativity and inspirational solutions on all projects. 

  1. Neptune – Global Village

Since the early 90’s Martin and Colette Lenehan have carved a niche for themselves in the world of interior designs creating the Global Village. Almost 90% of the available stock of Neptune products in the whole of Dublin and Ireland resides in their showroom. They also specialise in residential space design. 

  1. Divine Design

Divine Design services private residential and commercial clients from the inception of the project to its’ completion providing a complete interior design.  They also pride in the fact that no two of their design is similar; with differing tastes and specifications on the part of their clients. 

  1. Martin- Hudson & Gibson

Martin- Hudson & Gibson, established since the 60’s is Dublin’s first showroom offering interiors and soft furnishings. They, however, have a wide range of products of exotic taste and style while they concentrate on residential interior designs. 

  1. Interiors Atelier

Interiors Atelier creates interiors expressing the personality of her clients. They provide services to residential owners too. Their service ranges from a one-room apartment to mansions. They display the highest level of professionalism attainable. 

  1. Wall Morris Design

Wall Morris Design is a residential and commercial interior architecture, design and decoration specialist. However, their designs have the contemporary and classical style as its’ signature.

  1. Think Contemporary

Think Contemporary an interior design company also specialising in furniture. The idea of a good interior design affecting the lifestyle on the inhabitant is the driving force. They help clients understand their inspirations and how their spaces can enhance such. 

  1. Habu Interior Design

Habu Interior Design, an interior design and project management outfit in existence since the mid-80’s. Subsequently, their focus on quality service has helped them build lasting relationships over the years. They leverage on their wealth of experience in creating an interior customised to the client’s needs. 

  1. Hepburn Designs

Hepburn Designs, popular for its exceptional ‘Designer for a Day’™, a one-day program for planning and designs of interiors. Beautifying of gardens is one of their specialities while their work on internal spaces earned them the reputation as one of the best. 

  1. Taylored Interior

Taylored Interior offers a full package service. With no less than 15 years of experience as a freelance interior designer. They specialise in kitchen and bathrooms with a focus on furniture and lighting maximisation. 

  1. Ruth Noble Interiors

Ruth Noble Interiors, a specialist on residential properties. They design and also source for the materials at affordable rates. They also work from inception of the project to its completion. 

  1. Tigress Luxury Interiors

Tigress Luxury Interiors offers personal service to their clients have the perfect space based on their cost. They glory in sourcing for scare items to make your space bespoke regardless of the taste and specifications. 

Tips on how to get the best service from an interior designer.

Interior designers are ready to help their clients with any help they might require. So, always ask your interior designer the following questions.

  • Ask for previous clients – most clients in Dublin are willing to flaunt their space if the designer does a great job. So, always ask to see their past projects and talk with the client.
  • Timing is essential – Always ask for the project duration. For business owners, deadlines are the order of the day. Some business owners will want to impress a client who has set a date for the meeting. Hence, he designs the space to improve his image.
  • Payment – always ask for the terms and conditions for remuneration from your interior designer. Do not be left hanging, never forget to request so you can plan your cash flow having relevant information. Cashflow dramatically affects the speed of any project.
  • In conclusion, every designer has a record of past projects in the form of an album or a picture book or profile. Ask for such to see the designers executed works. These pictures will show the space before and after the design.


Architectural Assistant Dublin Job Description

Architectural Assistant Dublin Job Description

An Architectural Assistant job in Dublin is usually an entry-level position for an architect. It requires knowledge, skill and often little or no experience. Since every architect will need an assistant, who can help him out with the various activities in an organisation. An architectural assistant’s job scope will not be limited to the technical work in the office.


In the built environment, there are basic job requirements that span across every niche in the sector. However, job responsibilities vary greatly depending on the niche.

The list below is not exhaustive.  An Architectural Assistant function based on the niche in the industry he finds himself. We shall discuss the most common responsibilities of an Architectural assistant in Dublin:

  1. The architectural assistant helps out in the planning and drawing of architectural layouts according to the requirements of the clients.
  2. He will also place liaise with suppliers to get stationary and sundry items from time to time.
  3. He will from time to time act in lieu the architect on construction sites to supervise works as may be deemed fit.
  4. In architectural design, standards are fundamental, an architectural assistant after gaining enough experience may join the design team.
  5. Also, documentation is essential to an architect, therefore the assistant will document design progress.
  6. He will also have to meet with representatives of statutory bodies to seek for approval on intended projects.
  7. An architectural assistant will meet with the quantity surveyor to discuss the financial implications of the project.

Skills of an Architectural Assistant

An architectural assistant is an entry level position; hence, he/she will work closely with experienced team members on most projects. As an architectural assistant, you need certain skills. This is as a result of the nature of the job, and they are peculiar to the architectural profession.

  1. Fast Learner – learning is an art, also mastering the art of assimilation in a short time and retaining information will be a useful skill on the job.
  2. Your stress level should be high – there will often be tight deadlines and more than one project at a time. So, you need to be made of steel and manage the stress correctly.
  3. Computer Literacy is an understatement – you need to be a pro at major Computer Aided Design software. Also, having an A++ in your computer troubleshooting skills is necessary.
  4. Excellent Communication Skills – there will be negotiations and consultations every time. So, your communication skills mastering that of a pro is not bad. An architectural assistant is more or less a middleman between the architect and other stakeholders on a project.
  5. Flexibility – work circumstances and environment changes once in a while. An architectural assistant will work for longer hours. He/she will like also skip meals due to job deadlines.
  6. Self-confidence – He/she should be naturally confident. A natural, confident and self-motivated individual serves a greater purpose.
  7. Detailing and Design – he will be a master at detailing. Detailing is as important as the entire architect’s work itself.


An architect studies for a minimum of 4 years at the university to earn a degree. The four years degree course is the lowest requirement for an architectural assistant.

Getting M.Sc. in Architecture or M.Arch.  is advisable if you plan on pursuing a career as an Architect.


An architectural assistant earns between £35,000 – £60,000 per annum. An architectural assistant is an entry-level position.; hence there will be heavy workload. This post also sometimes comes with criticism, a good way to grow fast is to accept the criticism in good faith and not take offences. Showing your talents and abilities to the employer, improves your chances of a quick career progression.

Defining a Town Planner Job Description in Dublin

Defining a Town Planner Job Description in Dublin

Who is a town planner?

A town/urban/city planner is a professional involved in the development and management of the individual geographic locations according to the law. Therefore, city planners focus on creating a balance between demands from various sectors of the economy in Dublin. They ensure strategic zoning to allow for an appropriate development based on different locations within the Dublin.

Quite a significant percent of town planners works with government establishments. According to the Royal Town Planning Institute, urban planning is the fourth most successful degree subject for finding employment after completion. It also says that the potential to build a varied career is inherent in the profession.

Responsibilities and Duties

Town Planners broadly have their responsibilities divided between two sections of the community; the urban and the rural parts. They have a responsibility of striking a balance between business owners and the residents of the local communities. Their conflict resolution enhances sustainability at large.

Also, they research to determine if there will be restructuring in the building regulations. They make recommendations from their research to the legislature on what is appropriate for a particular place in the community. City planners find out strange problems plaguing a section of the city and provide solutions.Hence, these solutions form the basis for tackling such problems in collaboration with other agencies

They ensure that there is no clash in the use of an area in the city. For instance, an area earmarked for residentials should not have a factory. Their work helps greatly in the creation and maintenance of an eco-friendly environment.

The following are some points to put into consideration when choosing a town planning career.

  1. The scope of work is broad requiring more than one skill set and work as part of a team or individually.
  2. There are quite some areas to specialise in, so you get to choose an area of specialisation.
  3. The work requires good planning and negotiation skills. Therefore, negotiations with developers and other professionals in the built environment will occur regularly.
  4. Regular consultation with stakeholders, hence information sharing is constant.
  5. Implementation of policies, especially planning laws and regulations. These laws will be monitored to ensure strict compliance.
  6. Research work will be done regularly to guide the policymakers.
  7. Regular designs for relatively new communities and redesigns for existing ones.
  8. Report writing falls into two categories; one goes to the legislature in the form of recommendations, the second is a detailed explanation of the policies.
  9. Attend meetings and public hearings to be aware of recent developments and be up to date concerning land use legislation.
  10. Promote sustainability awareness, hence the need for good communication skills.


Depending on your level in the profession, planners earn a relatively good remuneration. The figures given below are just a guide. They, however, vary depending on the location and the size of the establishment and RTPI members sometimes get higher pay than others.

  • For starters, mainly graduates, an annual salary of £18,000 – £25,000 is fair pay.
  • Mid-level planners earn about £25,000 – £45,000 per annum
  • Head of Departments and Management level earn between £60,000 to £105,000 based on different reasons.

15 Construction Job Fails

15 Construction Job Fails

  1. Whoever did the setting out needs to be flogged.

  2. It is better not to put signs than these


  3. Where does the ramp lead to?

  4. Such errors!


  5. The stairs sure leads into the wall

  6. I sure cannot contain my laughter. How will they enter the building?

  7. This must have been done while sleeping

  8. The ramp is for painting the wall I suppose

  9. Walkway

  10. Swimming Pool Bridge

  11. Who fixes a tap like this?

  12. Socket Outlet

  13. Pedestrian Bridge

  14. Cabinet

  15. Hilarious




Construction Job Boards v Construction Recruiters

Looking for a new construction job?

Not sure where to start.

Sick of construction job recruiters, recruitment websites and all of the other promises in the world.

BreakfastRoll Club is a construction job board based in Ireland. We are looking to tackle this annoying, costly, time consuming problem by providing you with the best construction jobs in one place!

Be Smart When Looking For A Construction Job

What you need to do is make your life easier in three simple steps.

  1. Sign up to Job alerts (see how)
  2. Contact each construction job board Ireland
  3. Automate how you contact them

 construction job board Dublin

Construction job board v Construction Recruitment website?

A Construction job combines job listings from multiple locations. Putting a list of lots of jobs in one place for you. Companies, recruiters, job sites all put their listings on Job boards. Saving you time and money

A construction recruitment company will want to know more about you, your goals and how you fit best into specific jobs they have available. This can be great in some ways, but construction recruiters are incentivised to fill certain jobs – so they might want to push you to a job that does not perfectly suit you, instead, they can put their personal goals before yours.

 construction recruitment site ireland

What is a Job Board Recruitment Hybrid?

BreakfastRoll Club is the perfect place for you to find your next construction job!

BRC combines the best practices from a construction job board and a construction recruitment business.

  • We are not commission based, so our only priority is linking you up with the best employers
  • We do not charge a commission to construction companies who sign up with us. Recruitment agencies can charge anywhere from €5,000 and up per new employee signed to a business
  • We automate your effort! You can get automated emails from us, when your desired job is posted on BreakfastRoll Club. All you have to do is to sign up for a job alert today.

construction job board ireland

How to Survive your First Week on a new Construction Job

How to Survive your First Week on a new Construction Job

I will like to congratulate you on getting a construction job. Surviving the first week in the construction job greatly depends on your approach. Your experience with construction job boards is enough to cause a major sickness. You made it through the job searching process, then you can make your first week on the construction job a memorable one.

  1. Be Prepared

So many people fall victim of inadequate preparation. Adequate preparation is never too much nor is it a waste of time. To survive your first week on the construction job, you need to prepare. Get your facts right about the job, the remunerations, the bonuses, medical insurance, work description and so on. Everything you need to know about the job, make proper research before you start.

  1. Be Punctual

Punctuality is the soul of business. You don’t want to be identified as the late comer on your first day at work. Construction jobs require planning ahead, so your presence is very crucial to the success of the project. Be at your work place at least 15 mins before work commences. This helps build your self-confidence and enough time to get your composure.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Another point worthy of note is the way your dressing. A saying goes thus the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. On your first week on the construction job. You need to dress like others. You may be forgiven on your first day on the job. However, if you make the same mistake one more time, your co workers will not be quick to forget       that.

  1. Ask Questions

It is your first week on the construction job, it is good practice to ask questions. No one knows everything. Asking questions will make you understand the system better. Hence, you will not make a major mistake by asking simple questions.


  1. Have Focus

On construction job sites, there are always distractions. You need focus to survive the first week on the construction job and every other week on the job. Do not keep your phone on you while working because it is a great source of distraction. Be attentive to whatever anyone is teaching you. You are not going to keep learning forever.

  1. Be Smart

In every workplace, there are three types of workers. The ones that want to control you, the ones that will look for your trouble and the friendly ones. Sometimes, you will have to work with all of these people. Firstly, get to know where everyone falls thereby learning the best method to deal with them. You don’t want to be at the mercy of a control freak on your first week on the construction job.

  1. Do not be Idle

The temptation to want to do too much is raging on the inside of everyone on their first day at work. A quick advice, do not be idle and do not be too busy doing everything. Take your time to know how things work in your new place of work. You will be working on the job for the next few months or years. So, take it one step at a time. Remember do not be caught idle. It does not give a good impression about you.


I will like to hear from you. You can add more tips to survive the first week at a construction job below.


Top 6 Construction Management Software

Top 6 Construction Management Software

The construction industry in Ireland and in Europe by extension depends heavily on computer aided design programs. Hence, the development of over 200 construction management software in the last 20 years. We shall consider the top 6 management software in use by for construction jobs in Ireland.

Construction jobs such as material take-off and estimation of the cost of a proposed job are some of the most common features on management software. It also helps in the management of the construction project and other more advanced construction management features.


Aconex is the #1 cloud construction management platform. It has over the years connected teams on the world’s  largest construction projects. Therefore, it is the most reliable management software in the construction industry. Its most important feature is the flexibility with which one can work on different platforms. It allows you to connect with all the stakeholders on the construction project and be able to track the project progress. With a market score of almost 85% and over 20,000 followers on social media. Aconex is used by about 270,000 construction professionals globally. That’s unbelievable.


Procore is a construction project management software that allows large teams of construction professionals, contractors and client meet virtually on large projects. Due to the ease of usage, increase in project efficiency has endeared the software to users. Also, accountability in the management of communication has made Procore indispensable to users. It has a market score of 75% and a little below 17,000 social media engagements. Procore has a large customer base if 2,500 and 1.4million users. This  huge number is as a result of its availabilty on mobiles.


Buildertrend, the award-winning construction management software for residential construction projects. It was developed as a result of the not too good experiences of residential construction stakeholders. Buildertrend allows modification of project particulars online and other great features, therefore, boasting of over 400,000 users and about 900,000 completed projects. It is accessible on various platforms viz; PCs, iOS and Android. Buildertrend offers real time notification to keep construction professionals up to date and have a great construction experience.


Viewpoint’s award-winning software, Procontractor by Viewpoint is one of the world’s leading construction management software. Furthermore, it is the only construction management software that allows for estimating, accounting and project management in one package. ProContractor by Viewpoint has its focus on effective business management and project visibility. Therefore, more contracting firms joined its customer base. A customer base of about 12,000 and 236,000 users, Viewpoint’s social engagement of 5000 users is not too bad.


Newforma’s PIM solution is a time saving innovative software. Reports of litigation avoidance have widely trailed the release of this software that facilitates a perfect sync between architects and engineers on projects. Newforma has some specific user features that improve the user experience such as ease of email usage and search function. It has over 10,000 customers and about 240,000 users because of its effective time management, quality improvement and profit maximization.


  1. RIB iTWO

RIB iTWO, a fully integrated construction management software with an interactive BIM based graphic interface. The software integrates all construction and business processes, optimising the controlling of construction schedules and costs. Also, RIB iTWO saves time by reducing the workload on traditional processes and complexities due to its Revit based development. Having a score of 55% and sitting comfortably at the sixth position. RIB iTWO boasts of 15,000 customers and over 100,000 users globally.

Thousands of Dublin Construction Workers Getting Fired!

Thousands of Dublin Construction Workers Getting Fired!

Following the dispute over the 10% increase in pay demanded by the crane drivers, there has been an industrial action. One of the effects of this that thousands of Dublin Construction workers will lose their jobs.  Another is the closure of construction sites in Dublin by construction companies resulting in an increase in unemployment.

One would think, how will one of the many stakeholders in the construction skilled labour force hold others to ransom. But let’s come to think of it, there are a little above 5000 construction workers in Dublin. These construction workers will be out of work in the nearest future if this strike action lingers.

Unite, the trade union representing the Crane operators has been on this for months. They are wielding their influence over the construction industry hoping that when this plays out, they will have members joining them from trade unions. The targeted trade unions are representing the steelworkers, electricians, plumbers and general operatives on construction sites. These groups of Dublin construction workers will lose their construction jobs in no later than 6 weeks should the strike continue. That is quite hilarious though.

Given Dublin’s focus on becoming one of the most favoured cities for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) alongside other cities globally. The industrial action embarked upon by Unite is not good for business. With the current situation, construction workers not represented are at the risk of losing their construction jobs. This results in sites closed down and ultimately Dublin doesn’t attract FDI

In the final analysis, regardless of how long the industrial action lasts, Dublin construction workers will need to search for jobs at one point or the other. When you are fired will be there for you. We have connected over a thousand Dublin construction workers to their current jobs.